new year, new rebeekah

January 2, 2007 at 3:30 pm | Posted in holidays, random | 4 Comments

2007.  every time i say it aloud, it feels so strange on my tongue–so surreal and futuristic.  the jetsons could be living in 2007, but us?  yet the world continues on.

i decided to officially change to wordpress today; why not, since it’s TWO THOUSAND SEVEN, you know, the beginning of a new year.  guess what?  right before i did, i spontaneously decided to switch to the “new” blogger right before i popped over to wordpress where i’ve been working off and on this page since october.  so…guess what? 

wordpress can’t import posts, etc., from the new blogger.

so unless they decide to change that option, all my old posts will not be here.

talk about starting with a clean slate!  :)



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  1. Yay for WordPress! I hope everything’s going well for you, Doug, and the baby. See you soon!

  2. welcome! it’s funny. i just switched over myself, though i haven’t yet broadcast my new address….just keeping up with the beekers…

  3. Love the new home. :)

  4. i guess we’re all making the move :)
    now if only i could find something to post about.

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