100 days late and a million dollars short

February 26, 2007 at 3:29 pm | Posted in lists, random | 4 Comments

sometimes i get SO BEHIND on things that i do the exact opposite of what i should do: i purposefully procrastinate further!  what in the world.

i don’t know if it’s depression (probably), but i just think, “oh my gosh, HOW have i not done _____ yet?”  this goes along with my ridiculous burden of guilt that i unnecessarily and constantly heave around, i suppose.  i’m not sure if this will help, and perhaps i should’ve noted these things in a personal journal rather than a PUBLIC BLOG, but here’s an inexhaustive list of things i should have done a LONG time ago but have yet to do:

  • finish my “100 things about me” post
  • write about my dad’s birthday/weekend surprise (over one month late now, and NO–all these things will NOT be simply about blogging)
  • finish baby gift thank you notes–i think i still lack 28, and i’m extremely embarrassed to publicize this because, yes, some of those who might read this have yet to receive one!!
  • haul off the latest lingering Beehive pile (the Beehive is a store in town run by the developmentally disabled: it’s basically a really cool second-hand store)…this one’s esPECially bad because they even do pick-ups, people!!  i mean, come on, Rebekah, how hard would it be to simply ORGANISE the mess under your carport and PICK UP THE PHONE?!
  • make a wedding album from all our lovely wedding/honeymoon photos…hey Rebekah, didn’t you get married FIVE YEARS AGO?!
  • work retrospectively on Elisabeth’s baby album(s)–this is something i canNOT get any more behind on than i already am.  i mean, seven months have passed in a blink…no waiting five years on this one!!

okay, i think i’ll stop there.  i’m borderline “phew, that feels good” and “oh no!  where do i start?”  besides, six is my favourite number.  :)

p.s. do you like the new look/heading photo?  that’s our sweet pup, Anabelle.

p.p.s. we went to marion to visit Doug’s family this weekend.  needless to say, a LOT of photos were taken (mostly by Doug’s dad, the former professional photographer).  I cannot get OVER this one:




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  1. Love the new Anabelle header! She’s so cute.

    Don’t beat yourself up too much on the list. You’re a mom now and can always use that excuse! It’s a very legitimate excuse – I don’t see how you do all that you do.

  2. I love Anabelle!

    I think most of us have projects like this we’ve neglected – at least I know I do. At least you know what they are, that’s a start.

  3. You write: “how hard would it be to simply ORGANISE the mess under your carport…” Um, sounds kind of hard to me. The word “carport” there implies a pretty big pile… much like the mess lurking in my basement. So I don’t blame you for putting it off. I hate organizing (although I love it when things ARE organized). =)

    p.s. Anabelle makes an adorable header!

  4. I aboslutely love the Annabelle header!!!!!!!! I think I gasped when I the page came up on my computer screen. I do the absolute same thing as you – when I get really behind on things, I tend to just keep putting them off for some reason. I haven’t really figured that one out. But I think we all do things like those you listed – I can realte especially to the baby book – my daughter is 6 months older than yours and I think all that is in her book is her birth info.

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