Suffer Ye Little Children

April 11, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Posted in disturbing, random | 4 Comments

so i have been bored out of my MIND lately (from 8-5)…you would think i could have been posting during this slow time??  i get blogger’s block all the time, not to mention i can’t think of any interesting subjects to discuss.

one random (not pg-rated) thought:

  • i’ve been disturbed all day by a local news report i saw this morning: a 19 year old male has been accused of raping a two year old little girl (who has now died, so he’s also accused of manslaughter).  how exactly does one get to such a low point that he/she would commit a heinous crime as this?  i realise we all have faults–there is not one who is blameless, no, not one–but RAPING A BABY… sometimes i wish there really were different levels of hell.  good thing i’m not God, or we would all be there in some form, i suppose, myself included.  this whole thing makes me think about a song i love by sufjan stevens: in singing about john wayne gacy, jr. (the clown killer who lured and killed little boys and then buried them under his house), he says, “and in my best behaviour, i am really just like him.”  i love that.  it’s hard, but i love it.  if you’ve never heard the song, you can listen to a little clip here.


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  1. I heard that yesterday on the news. It’s awful, and one of the worst things I’ve heard in a really long time. Obviously, there are severe mental issues involved, but I still don’t understand how someone does that.

    I’ve never really listened to Sufjan. I hear great things about him all over, though. I’ll give him a go sometime.

  2. Disturbing, indeed.

    What is NOT disturbing is that precious new picture of E at the top of your blog. I LOVE it.

  3. I heard about this too and just had to switch channels because I have zero sympathy for people like him….

    different levels of hell indeed.

  4. […] this post–if I were in charge, these two would definitely be in the same hell-level.  […]

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