sadness and pain

April 19, 2007 at 9:25 am | Posted in disturbing | 5 Comments

i’ve been hoping one of you would write something about the tragedy at Virginia Tech.  i feel the subject is so heavy and sensitive that, in typing even these few words, i am fearful of error or thoughtlessness.

i will just say my heart has been so sad.  so sad for the students’ and teachers’ friends and family, for the members of all the communities of which they were a part, for the thousands and thousands of individuals attending, employed by and connected to the university.  what happened is so shocking to me, one so disconnected from the state and school and victims–that i cannot imagine how those who are close and connected must feel.  i wonder if, when they wake up each day and breathe in their first breath, they feel light and free and almost happy…and then (of course) their first thought enters their mind, and they remember their reality–that’s it not a nightmare, as they had hoped–and they are bombarded by wrenching pain so intense they feel it physically throughout their entire body.

and i’ve been sad for cho’s family, too.  his hard-working father and mother, his academically successful sister–i cannot imagine the layers of pain they must be feeling, surely mingled with embarrassment and guilt.  i have tried to picture the response of his relatives in S. Korea, upon hearing the news…knowing a little of the Korean culture, i cannot imagine how on display those relatives must feel, so condemned and looked down on by all who know what their grandson or nephew did.

may the Lord continue to give grace and peace.



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  1. Obviously, I wasn’t there. But it makes me so sad that I can’t even think about it – I didn’t even finish reading your post. I don’t know why but it affects me much more deeply than even 9/11 did. I think it’s because there was a clear enemy with 9/11; there was a reason, albeit illogical. At VA Tech, though, it’s a microcosm of needless human suffering.

    Anyway, I cannot wrap my mind around it to write anything right now.

  2. I am avoiding it at all costs because it just blows my mind and makes me way too sad, mad, sympthetic and just down right confused. Not to mention it leaves that neverending question floating through my mind, of WHY?????

  3. I agree with David and Crystal. The reason I haven’t written about it is because I haven’t been able to really focus on it for any length of time. It’s too sad and scary and heartbreaking.

  4. I can’t say anything but I agree. I usually write to reason things out, and this was just too big and unreasonable. You are one of the two people I’ve seen write about it, and you did it very well. The other was a former professor of mine. Her brother is a professor at VAT.

    Every time I think of it, my mind goes back to walking through the beautiful campus where I went to college. I imagine what this news would have done to me had it happened there while I was there. It is unfathomable and way too close to home. Here’s Donna’s post

  5. I, too, have tried to avoid it, but since I stay at home all day, it’s hard to avoid the media. I wrote a little about it on my xanga page – – but I thought your post was much more thoughtful. I’m just so tired of seeing the guy pointing a gun at the camera – it’s forever burned in my memory and I just wish that it would go away.

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