Bitten, Part 1

May 4, 2007 at 11:04 am | Posted in geography, holidays, london, travel | 4 Comments

thanks for all the recent sweet comments about my header photos!  :) 

i went a little cropping crazy recently, and i have tons of photos lined up for display–not only for variety and to keep rebeekah a shade above boring, but also so i can have some writing material!  i commonly suffer from blogger’s block, and i thought this would be a good way for me to keep going.

the first photo i chose is of my beautiful sister, Sarah, taken by me while we were in London together last summer.

London, O, London, i love you so.  i fell in love with you during our short affair last year, lasting sadly only four tiny days, and i have painstakingly longed for you since.

i had always wanted to go to London.  i was bitten by the irrepressible travel bug at a young age, being blessed with international travel experiences thanks to my dad’s job as a chemical engineer and his accepting of a position in Western Australia.  many of you may already know, but on our way back to the States after living in Australia for almost six years, we had what i’ve always called a “mini-world tour.”  i got to see Singapore, Cairo, Rome, Athens, Jericho and Jerusalem, and the memories have stayed with me for over twenty years now.

since that trip, i’ve traveled overseas a few times–twice back to Australia, once in college on a singing tour to France, Germany and Austria, and then on a mission trip to Honduras 6 1/2 years ago.  one of the reasons, i’ll admit, i decided to go on the rotary trip to Finland last year was because i had not traveled since going to Honduras.  and those of you who love to travel can imagine the burning and the almost physically present NEED to travel!  :)

because Finland was such a blur of uniforms, packed (often unpleasant) itineraries, and keeping on of the diplomatic, professional mask to various host families and rotary members, many days during those 4 1/2 weeks all i could think of was the extended weekend in London i had planned with my sister to cap off my stay in Europe.  she was coming over to stay for a while in France, anyway, so she decided to come a little early and meet me in London after i was done in Finland.

backing up a bit–prior to reaching Finland, my team and i had decided to do a one-night layover in London.  i remember sitting on the tube for the first time; although incredibly exhausted and jetlagged, as we passed (above ground) through communities and i took in the beautiful, old cobblestone buildings and roads and all that was, in fact, London, i couldn’t help but weep.  i was in London.  after years of wishing, i was finally there.  and perhaps i was a bit emotionally unstable due to the jetlag and the trip to Finland that lay before me (and perhaps due to being five months pregnant), but i was overwhelmed by a sense of completion, of longing fulfilled, of a feeling that perhaps i was arriving some place i was meant to be all along.

i don’t know if i could make it living there.  i like to imagine i could, but who knows, really? but isn’t that the mystery and attraction of travel?  you go, you fall in love with the place, you subsequently picture yourself there in a daily routine…you may never return and thus always have this magical affair–and i say magical because it more than likely is just that and not realistic, as it would be if you were to actually go again, let alone live there as you dream–and love for this golden place that you still find yourself talking and daydreaming about months and years later to anyone who will listen, including unsuspecting blogging friends.



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  1. I have yet to travel across the ocean…but there are so many places I want to see right here in the USA. The travel bug has gotten me like a bad virus. And you make me wanna go to London.

    Nice picture of Sarah, what is that in the back ground that looks like it might spell out Switzerland?

  2. How nice to see beautiful Sarah at the top of your blog. (I have also loved seeing precious Elisabeth the past few weeks). I also had the pleasure of being in London with Sarah. It was a great trip and I enjoyed my time with her. I will never forget it. She is my world traveler friend and I live vicariously through her.

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know I still check this and keep up with your blog even thought I haven’t been very good about keeping in touch. I got your beautiful card – we have moved again, lots to update you on. Check out my blog for an overview. I promise to e-mail or call or something very soon. I think of you and D and E so often. I love and miss you so.

  4. Love this post – can’t wait for part 2! You could/should definitely be a travel writer.

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