imagine me and you, i do

May 11, 2007 at 7:34 am | Posted in celebrations, family, marriage | 7 Comments

on this day five years ago, i was smiling for pictures on the front steps of shaw’s tea garden after a lovely, delicious bridesmaids brunch.  thank you, aunt debbie and uncle doug, for that gift and the wonderful memories you gave me that morning.

i had woken much earlier in the presence of my dear sister, sarah, and my friends, jennie and julie.  rachel and mary beth came later to help with hair and make-up.  thank you, precious girls, for staying with me that night and for all your help the next day.

wearing a green layered flowing dress, i was about to rush home down the street to change into my beautiful wedding gown.  thank you, mom and dad, for the gifts of those dresses, the flowers and the food, the limo…there are so many things you gave me that day and throughout my life; i will be thanking you until my last breath for the constant gifts of your time, energy, resources, and most of all, your love.  thank you.

and on this day, five years ago, i was about to marry you.  you, with your handsome tuxedo, jittery nerves and slicked hair.  you, with your sweet tears and committed heart, i loved you from that moment in my car on the way to the triplets’ birthday dinner in 1998.  you know the moment, you know me, you love me.  and i, you.

here’s to five hundred more.







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  1. now that’s a hallmark moment :)

  2. 500? Now that’s commitment!

    Congratulations to you and your Dougy.

  3. Chills, chills, and more chills.
    Happy anniversary to you both. I am not as organized as you and therefore didn’t get a card in the mail, but know I’m thinking of you with all of my heart.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you, our dear friends, we are thinking of you today and are hoping that you have a wonderful time celebrating your love. With this very special mother’s day coming up in a couple of days this should be a wonderful weekend for you, I hope it is a weekend of cherishing one another.

  5. SO very sweet. Beautiful dress, too. :)

  6. Five Years! Contratulations.

  7. now this is just nice to see.

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