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May 16, 2007 at 10:54 am | Posted in baby, celebrations, family, friends, gross, holidays, london, marriage, random, travel | 5 Comments
  • one month from today, my youngest sister will be getting married.  WHAT?!
  • Julie, you will already be married!!
  • did you hear last week about the boy with the spiders in his ears?  i’ve thought of this EVERY night before going to sleep since then…earplugs, anyone?
  • for girls only: commando.  do you ever go?  i had to yesterday due to the MOUNDS of dirty clothes yet to be washed–and it wasn’t as bad as i thought.  no, it wasn’t my first time, but it had just been a long time.  (unlike one unnamed sister, whom i think does this pretty regularly??  can’t imagine.)
  • i wish i could hire some “helpers” for my parents.  because their days are filled with everything Elisabeth, they simply do not have the time to clean their home and unpack boxes that are yes, still sitting untouched.  the space they’re in is SO much smaller than their previous home, and so there’s literally not room for everything.  this is such a burden for them–especially my Mom–and so it’s a burden for me, too.  if i had vacation time, i would be there in a flash.  could i please, like Evie, just stop time for a while?
  • Elisabeth is ten months old today.  how is THAT possible?  :)
  • a year ago, i was enjoying a night’s layover in London on my way to Finland.  (again, how is that possible?  that it’s been a YEAR?)
  • i had my first official Mother’s Day on Sunday.  so surreal.  and precious and wonderful.
  • doug finished SO WELL this semester!!!  i could not be any more proud of him!  after his trip to India this summer (mission trip, simultaneously earning 6 credit hours), he’ll only have ONE–count ’em, ONE!!!–more semester to go.  -big sigh-
  • i’m in the process of planning his huge graduation present we’ve been dreaming of for years…A TRIP TO EUROPE!!  (just London, we think.  and maybe a chunnel visit to PARIS!!)  :)


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  1. – I have always heard about the spiders in the ears story but Matt told me it was an urban legend – apparently not. That freaks me out.
    – I’m so excited about Doug graduating (I’m sure not as excited as you are though)! I can’t wait to see what the Bryant’s future holds.
    – Happy late first Mother’s Day – hope it was a good one!

  2. Ten months??!! Seriously, where does the time go?

    Maybe some weekend when things aren’t so hectic I can come to Arkadoo and help with E so your parents would have long periods of time to work on their house? That would be fun.

  3. I love this kind of post. You probably know, but I do it fairly regularly.

    I read about the spiders earlier this week. So interesteing but so weird. If I recall correctly, he said they sounded like rice krispies. Strange, strange.

    Why is the commando question only for girls? I’ve done it. Only out of necessity, though. When you think about it, there isn’t a big difference between boxers, which I wear exclusively, and nothing.

    Now that I have a few friends with children, I can’t believe how fast they grow.

    Europe will be awesome. I’m so excited for you. You two should definitely take a chunnel trip to Paris if possible. Jennifer and I did it the opposite way a couple of years ago and only spent one night in London but had nearly two full days to see the city, and it was great.

  4. How wonderful for you

    I don’t WANT to think about nothing crawling in (or out) of my ears. Craziness. I spend enough time obsessing over something flying in my mouth while I have it hanging wide open so I can drool to my heart’s content.

    Children do grow up EXTREMELY fast. I am constantly amazed at how much, especially when you sit back and think….that was only 5 years ago, 7 years ago.

    Good luck with the parents, because that sounds like way more than I would ever want to handle. Besides the fact that I hate unpacking boxes….but babysitting Elisabeth would have to be the ultimate reason for NOT caring that stuff wasn’t undone. Who wouldn’t want to put aside mundane issues and enjoy that wonderful face?

  5. RE: Commando. I so shouldn’t admit this so publicly, but here goes: yup. Often. It’s great.

    There, I did it!
    :) Jess

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