i’m doing it again; it’s easy and fun

May 17, 2007 at 1:09 pm | Posted in baby, birthdays, disturbing, entertainment | 10 Comments
  • why melinda?  why couldn’t it have been jordan?  L  bummer.  at least that cutie, beatboxin blake, made the cut.  J

  • some recent search engine terms (i love these!): pain + sadness, kangaroo live birth (WHAT?!), all you need is love + noter (noteR??), flixers (i thought i made up this word?), down under, rebeekah (yikes!), and—my favourite really recent ones—commando and going commando

  • which leads me to say, citizen D, the reason i said “for girls only” is not only because it’s a semi-embarrassing topic, but also—you said it yourself!!  guys (especially ones who wear boxers) going commando is not as big of a deal as girls doing it!  at least, i sexistly think so.  J

  • i’m trying to decide on a party theme for E’s first birthday.  i’ve been thinking about the little nicknames we call her—precious lamb, angel, pumpkin, etc.  but i don’t know about going with any of those.  (besides, pumpkins in july?)  i love the whole ladybugs or butterflies or whatever type theme, but those seem so over-done.  i thought about doing a party at the park by our house…but oh for the HEAT in mid-July.  then i thought about doing a party at the arkadelphia aquatic park (i.e. glorified swimming pool)…but that would mean bathing suits.  um, not too fun for the grown ups!  (at least, most of us.)  okay, so i need some help—any suggestions?


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  1. What about something basic like polka-dots? Seems like that could be really cute. I don’t know – she’s so cute that it won’t even matter!

    Recent search engine term on my blog: “clothes and characteristics”. Huh? Yours were funny. I especially love live kangaroo birth. One that sort of freaked me out on mine was “gifted and talented programs in batesville.” Weird.

  2. Hey! I was devastated last night when Ryan sent Melinda home, I loved the link that you attached, I cannot believe she didn’t win the whole thing. But then again, all of the libraries in Southern Oregon counties have closed, they fired 7/8 of the police officers and 200 911 responders, they cut down the prison size to 1/20 of it’s original size, the schools are having even more stringent budget cuts (removing counselors and arts programs) and they are laying off firefighters all because the American people in those counties refused to raise taxes by 1%. Needless to say, I’m having trouble understanding the viewpoint of the American aggregate.

    About E’s party – whatever theme you decide on (even a color scheme – I loved the polka dot idea) will be great for pictures and your memories. I just encourage you to keep it simple – remember Jace’s first birthday? He was so overwhelmed by all the newness, all the people, all of the decorations, the cake (his first processed sugar), and even the presents that he cried most of the party and had to be put down for a nap… even in his parties since, we have had to keep the amount of stimulus pretty low, I think for birthday #4 we are finally going to do a real party with family and kids, I think he is finally ready (with a Thomas the Tank Engine theme as if I had a choice). :-)

  3. i might have to steal your idea on those days when i just can’t think of a thing to blog about.

    i got nothing on party themes :(

  4. Can we really trust American Idol anymore? Where did all those Sanjaya votes end up anyway? Makes me think http://votefortheworst.com/ has got some pull.

    I like the poka dots theme.

  5. what is this search engine word thing that you are talking about?

    is it something on wordpress?

  6. Regarding Melinda:

    I was sad to see melinda go, too. This has been the first year in a long time that I actually cared about the real contestants (I usually quit watching after all the “bad” auditions).

    Regarding search engine terms:

    I love that you get into your search engine term hits. I dig mine too. Julie, check your Dashboard/Blog stats–there’s a section there that shows what search engine terms brought people to your blog.

    I’m amazed at how many mayapple hits I’m getting. And lots of dandelion hits, too. But my weirdest one lately was “dying fingernails with flower juice”. What?! I also loved “cattails smell”.

    Regarding party themes and baby nicknames:

    We did a Curious George theme for Simon’s party. He was weirded out by the hat–and by all the party hats we were wearing, too.

    We call Simon “pumpkin” a lot too. Although, lately, with our “baby latin” system of speaking to him (ex. “little-bittle”, “Simony-bimony”, “happy-bappy”) the term “pumpkin” has morphed into “pumpy-bumpkin”. I also like to call him “crazy midget”, “hobbit” (thanks to Luke. babies are so much like hobbits–they’re short, and they eat a lot, and they live in the shire and smoke pipes, they go on adventures with wizards, and they have hairy toes.) and “buddy boy”.

    I think you should either do a lizard theme to go with Elizabeth’s nickname “lizard breath” (what? you don’t like to call her that?) … or just go with Jenny’s polka dot idea. Although, you could combine the two and have polka dotted lizards.

    Now that I’ve totally shattered your faith in my ability to give advice, I do have some real baby birthday advice to offer: Make sure you don’t throw off her schedule too much. Try to fit things into her regular nap/eating schedule as much as possible. It’ll be hard enough on her to have all doug’s weird, freaky friends around without being cranky from other things as well.

    Other than that, for the theme, just think of how it will look in the pictures. Lizzie sure as hell won’t remember that day, but you’ll be fawning over the shot of her gobbling down handfuls of cake for years to come.

  7. my vote is for polka dotted hobbits.

  8. I too encourage you to keep it simple. Allison was very overwhelmed with all the people, gifts, etc and we even had 2 parties to cut down on the amount of people at each one. A’s party theme was rubber duck’s but I think you could just choose any animal. We almost did a puppy theme since she’s so obsessed with them. A friend of mine did turtles (it was for a boy). But I also like the polka dot theme. I would really just do what’s easiest for you.

  9. I like the polka dot idea.

    OK, the internal decapitation thing made me feel queasy, but that didn’t stop me from reading the entire new article with horrified relish. I am sick.

  10. By the way, I’m not sure why I put the hyphen between polka and dots when I commented. I know it doesn’t belong.

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