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May 23, 2007 at 8:25 am | Posted in baby, entertainment, family, holidays, travel | 5 Comments
  • finished music & lyrics–loved it from beginning to end.  very, very cute!!  and the songs…they are definitely stuck-in-your-head kind of tunes!  :)
  • embarrassing confession: i’m at least FIFTEEN minutes late to work almost every day.  what is WRONG with me???  i am amazed that i still have my job.
  • i cannot believe Doug is going to India for three weeks.  he leaves in twelve days!  i’m really going to miss him–and so will Elisabeth and Anabelle!  i guess i’ll get a taste of how he felt when i was gone last summer.  i got him a camera for our anniversary, and i’m already excited as i imagine all the amazing photos he will take!  (he’s an EXCELLENT photographer!)
  • did you watch the american idol finale last night?  i thought it was pretty anti-climactic and that the winning song from the songwriting contest was LACK.ING.  oh well.  although i love blake, annoying jordin so fits the ai image & will almost surely win.  i’m kind of glad–that way, maybe blake won’t have to be the producers’ puppet.
  • can you believe memorial day weekend is only a few days away??  (i say this in almost every post, but WHERE does all the time go?!)  Doug’s family will be coming on friday and spend the whole following week at their time share in hot springs.  i’m so excited to go splash in the pool…with sweet baby in her little bikini!!  :)  when i was online shopping for her bather (as they are called in Australia), i kept thinking i would get her a one-piece–i’ve got to teach her modesty, you know!  HA HA J/K  but seriously, she’s got the cutest little outie belly button you’ve ever seen, and i decided it simply had to be revealed!  :)  here’s a picture of her itsy bitsy teeny weeny flowered polka dot bikini (those polka dots seem to be a recurring them, hmm??)…oh DRATS–i just went to the website so i could swipe the photo, and of COURSE it’s half-off now!!  oh well.  :)




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  1. PLEASE take a picture of her in her suit. i’m sure she’ll be turning all of the heads at the pool!!!
    i was so blah after last night’s show. i just don’t care anymore. i sort of want blake to win, but i’m just so half-hearted about it all now.

  2. I almost voted for Jordin last night just because I don’t think I want Blake to be the American Idol and to be tied down with a contract and the image that they would want him to have….but I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for her. But I didn’t vote for Blake either. We will see how it goes – I think either of them could win.

    E’s swimsuit is so cute! Where did you get it? I can’t find one I like for Allison. We are actually going swimming tonight but she’s just going to wear a hand me down.

  3. Yes! I want to see a picture of cute E in the swimsuit.

    I’m anywhere from 5-15 minutes late every day, too. I’m not saying that makes it okay, but I at least know how you feel. Ugh.

  4. I learned from Samantha Perkins (wife of Kierin Perkins–Austrailia’s Olympic gold metalist) that bathers might also be called “togs” depending on whether you’re from Queensland or New South Wales (thanks to a Wiggles video that Simon likes to watch.)

  5. aw ya’ll need to quit…
    person a…who is supposed to come in at 7am and work til 4 gets here every day at 8:55
    person b…comes in like clockwork at 8:45
    person c…comes in at 8:25
    and me….I come in when I feel like it, as long as I beat person b (my boss), I am doing fine. (now somedays I do come in early…too fix mistakes and such) but most times I am late on purpose, and ya’ll know how crazy anal i am about being somewhere on time.
    won’t know what I will do when I have to get a real job.

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