My Friend Angie

July 5, 2007 at 12:41 pm | Posted in entertainment, random | 4 Comments

have you ever had a dream where you are “friends” with a celebrity?  my sister frequently dreams she and johnny depp are friends (must be nice), and i know i’ve had such a dream in the past…but none quite so vivid as last night.

i don’t even care for her–that’s the strange part–but angelina jolie and i hung out for hours & hours following a wedding in which i did a scriptural reading and she was one of the MINISTERS.  during my reading, no one was listening–there was even a girl rapping really loudly and shaking her booty two feet away from me.  i actually think she may have been beyonce.  (does beyonce rap?)  anyway…brad–yeah, first name basis, that’s right–was there, too.  when the other minister got up to speak (“angie” was seated a few people down from me, by brad), they both got really irritated and rolled their eyes when he spoke about Jesus.  i don’t think they would do that in real life, though.  (WHERE do i come up with this stuff?)

she was really nice, and i didn’t feel nervous at all; in fact, i was really myself.  she told me how great it was to have just met someone and that person not be all psycho because she’s such a mega-celebrity–how it was so peaceful to just hang out with someone & talk and laugh.  (not in her exact words.)

okay, this is starting to sound a little scary, like i’m a stalker or something.  but that’s the point–i don’t even care too much for her!  well, maybe i will now.  :)

you know what’s funny?  (i mean besides this whole thing–that is, funny weird, not funny haha.)  i don’t even know who was getting married. 

p.s. recap on my baby sister’s REAL wedding = coming soon…with great photos, too.  :)



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  1. For a while (about the time Girl, Interrupted was out), I liked her. I think I’m a victim of over exposure now, though. Regardless, I liked hearing about your dreams. Aren’t they strange?

  2. I’m not a big Angie fan either – don’t really dislike or like her. I’m always surprised that people can remember their dreams so vividly. If you ask me about my dreams right after I wake up I can tell you about them, but ask me after that and it’s all a blur. Can’t wait to hear about Rachel’s wedding – I’ve been waiting patiently :).

  3. i like her–now. i just chalk it up to everyone has their “moments” and if you are lucky and smart you eventually grow out of them. i still get the heebie jeebies picturing her with billy bob thornton at some awards show and you can just tell they looked “musty” after that limo ride.

  4. LOVED this! I’m still laughing!

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