Rain, Rain, Go Away!

July 13, 2007 at 1:26 pm | Posted in baby, birthdays, celebrations, family | 6 Comments

Tomorrow is the big day: Elisabeth’s First Birthday Party!!

We have made plans to have it at a private lake…but with the forecast, I’m wondering if our water activities (swimming, canoeing, paddleboating) will have to be cancelled?  :(

We’ll still have fun, though, and come rain or shine, Elisabeth will still be ONE YEAR OLD on Monday!!



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  1. i just saw your comment on the quilt, rebekah!! thank you!!

    i’m wishing little elisabeth a very special happy birthday – come rain or shine!!! :) she is so blessed to have you for a mom!

  2. The sun is shining….hopefully it will stay this way for a few more hours!

    Happy 1st Birthday, Elisabeth!

  3. I thought it was perfect! I still can’t believe how cute she was opening all of her presents.

  4. aw happy first elisabeth. sorry i had to miss but my family prevailed….that and the ching ching of tunica.

  5. Happy Birthday sweet E
    Happy Birthday sweet E
    Happy Birthday dear Elisabeth
    Happy Birthday sweet E

    I am sorry this is a belated song, I have been singing in my heart for days, but we had yet another hospital trip, so I was unable to call for her special day. I have been thinking of you both and cannot wait to read about (and see pictures of!) her first birthday.

  6. Tell little Lizzie happy first year. Sorry we couldn’t come down and join the fun. Did you do polka dots?

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