My Big Break

September 18, 2007 at 12:29 pm | Posted in baby, birthdays, health & fitness, lists, london, purchases, reading, travel | 6 Comments

well, i’ve been quite a little blogging hermit lately, haven’t i?  other than work, what have i been doing for the last two months instead of blogging?

  • Celebrating the first birthday of Elisabeth Grace

not having devoted a huge post to this causes me guilt–DAILY.  i will soon–better late than never?  i don’t know, you tell me.

  • Turning 30

perhaps because i had “dreaded” the big 3-0 all year, turning 30 was really not a huge deal, emotionally.  i had a very nice birthday and felt extremely happy and loved.  for what more could i have asked?

  • Trying to lose weight…

…and doing it!  this is my ninth week doing weight watchers online, and in my first 8 weeks i’ve lost 21.4 lbs.  (hey, every tenth of a pound counts, doesn’t it?!)  :)  i’m really happy with the results so far and will renew my online membership after the initial 3 months deal ends.  my weight has ALWAYS been the most shameful and embarrassing topic for me…and i have always, in the past, done everything to avoid discussing it.  well, not anymore!  i have already found that in telling others–even here in the open on my blog, for heaven’s sake!–i feel so much more freedom and am prompted to continue trying to improve myself and my health. 

going along with that…

  • Walking with Elisabeth

i bought E a fancy schmancy new stroller–the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller, to be exact.  yes, i realise i purchased a jogging stroller…and maybe i’ll work into doing that!  for now, though, it is working just fine as a walking stroller.  i LOVE it–it even has a thing called “music on the move.”  simply hook up your ipod or player of choice and enjoy the tunes coming out of the speakers!  i think E is okay with my “on the go” playlist, but am i a horrible mom for making her listen to eminem, weezer, inxs, the clash, gnr, green day and the like?…oh well  :)

  • Daydreaming about London

yeah, i am getting PRETTY pumped about our trip in January.  last week i reserved our room!!  i’ve spent months poring over website after website trying to find a good deal.  my requirements were not all that picky: i wanted a place that is clean, includes breakfast, has a good location & is close enough to public transport stops.  well…finding a place that has all that WITH a low price tag attached (as we are definitely “budget travelers”) has been quite an ordeal.  i definitely did NOT want to stay in a hostel–doug, on the other hand, had been picturing a place where the bed comes down from the wall and the room’s only light is from a lone dangling light bulb.  he just really wanted that “experience.”  seeing as it is his graduation present, i guess the right thing would have been to give into his wishes, but i didn’t do the right thing.  well, i compromised.  kind of.  :)  the place we’re staying is called the london house hotel and is a budget hotel/hostel.  here’s the kicker: it was recently remodeled, and if you visit the site, you’ll see that the “super” rooms (where we’ll be) look really nice.  a flat-screen plasma and an ensuite room WITH floor space?!?!  all for 54 pounds a night?!…unheard of in central london!!!  I STRUCK GOLD!  :)  now i can’t wait to daydream some more and plan out our days…

  • Embossing.  LOVE it.

i’m in love with paper source, and so imagine my delight when i received a gift certificate from j & jeb for my birthday!  i bought some new stamps and tons of embossing powder…fun fun!!  thanks so much, again, my friends!  :)  also, dear dougley took me on a shopping spree to hobby lobby!!  i got an embossing heat tool (i had previously been using a candle or lighter!!) and more stamps and some stamp cleaner.  i wish i could have my own stationery shop/business–what a dream! 

  • Devouring Harry Potter

i have seen the first four movies, but i’ve never had a desire to read the books.  my husband, on the other hand, has read each one about three times!  so on the sunday after the big release date for the last book, when doug asked me to read aloud to him while he drove, I.WAS.HOOKED.  “that’s it!” i said.  “i have to read them now.”  and so that afternoon, i picked up harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, and i have gone full speed ahead through each of them since then.  i am merely pages from completing harry potter and the deathly hallows, and the thought of finishing the story…oh, there are too many emotions to name!  let me just say that i now completely understand the madness behind all the hp fans out there.  completely.

so.  what have you been up to?  :)



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  1. Way to go on the weight loss!! That is really wonderful. I have been doing WW as well but have not been nearly as successful as you. I’ll have a good week then a bad one…. Not to add to your guilt, but PLEASE post a current pic of Elisabeth someday soon. Sarah says she is the cutest thing ever and I really want to see her :)

  2. Gosh, these are really big things, huh? Glad to see you back.
    : )

  3. Oh, I hope you will post photos from Elisabeth’s party. Did you go with the poka dots theme?

    As for us, school has started again so we’re once again learning Chinese. Shorel seems to build upon his level. I just seem to need to refresh what I’m already suppose to know, but keep forgetting.

    We’re also adopting and are in the paper chase part. It hasn’t been so bad considering that we’re dealing with papers from 2 countries. The one we live in and the one we’re official members of. We think of our daughter everyday!

    Schäfer meanwhile has turned up quite the mischief. Last night, after he was all settled in bed, he took his diaper off and then went back to sleep. When I checked on him before I went to bed, he was…soaking. Are they suppose to take their diapers off at 8 months?

    Loved your post!

  4. What a great post! I enjoyed it all. I’m so happy for you that you have lost so much weight already! I caved in and started WW online – I’ve only been on it for 1-1/2 weeks. I only lost a pound the first week – which was rather disappointing to me since I followed it to a tee. We should talk sometime soon – I miss you.

  5. dang gina.

  6. YOU GO GIRL! Such a corny thing to write, but I’m happy you’re doing so well on WW. I’m worried about taking off the post-pregnancy weight… plus a little extra, which certainly wouldn’t hurt! I might have to sign up for a little WW myself in a few months.

    You know, I’m actually sort of jealous that you read all 7 books in a row. I read them over a span of 6 years, and the stories got a bit disjointed for me – I’d forget characters and details from the past books (thank you Wikipedia for reminding me). Still, I’d love to read them all for the first time again. Maybe in about 10-15 years, when my little guy is reading them for the first time. =)

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