E Turns One

September 26, 2007 at 2:42 pm | Posted in baby, birthdays, celebrations, family, friends | 8 Comments

yes, her birthday really was in july.  i’m a little slow–what can i say?  :)

i decided the best way to tell you about everything would be to just share some photos…

our friend, sara, graciously offered to make Elisabeth’s birthday cake.  we had no idea it would be so beautiful–or delicious!


can you get over the precious cupcakes??

she even made E a special separate cake:


Elisabeth, of course, LOVED it!!






 she really enjoyed opening all her wonderful gifts–i seriously couldn’t believe her reactions and expressions!

she loved helping unwrap…


interested already in dishes, shoes, hats and cards…what a little woman she is!




this one’s priceless!


the eubanks family graciously allowed us to use their private lake and pavillion; it was the perfect setting for the party!  sadly, i didn’t get any photos of everyone swimming, but i know some of you would like to see the birthday girl in her bathing suit!!…so here’s some photos of E modeling her itsby bitsy teeny weeny flower polka-dot bikini back in may:




as you can see, she’s not nearly as happy in her other bather (later in the summer):


okay, back to the party!

doug, always young at heart, having fun with bubbles!


we were overwhelmed by all the friends and family who came to celebrate E and her first full year of life.  the sproles, jennie, and the clevelands all came from little rock.  several friends, young and old, came from our local church:


i guess you could even say that my nephew, E’s cousin, came all the way from australia for the event!  (it doesn’t look like he had much fun…although, i’m not sure any 18 year old would have very much fun at a 1 year old’s party!)


my favourite photo of all–the entire family, both sides.


1 daddy + 1 mommy + 4 grandparents + 4 aunts + 1 uncle + 1 cousin =               ONE HAPPY ONE YEAR OLD BABY GIRL AT HER FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!



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  1. Such a fun post! I think this one will satisfy Suzanne since there are so many pictures. : )

    E really was so IN to her presents – It amazed me. Most kids are bored after the first one but she truly loved them all.

    I just want to squeeze her in all of those bikini pictures! She’s precious.

  2. What a GREAT party…good job Mom!! i cannot get over the picture of E feeding cake to Dougley…it’s SO precious!!! and clearly she has great taste in shoes…the purple shoes are fabulous. :) love you Bek!

  3. Loved all the pictures! E was so well behaved at her party and as Jennie said, she was so into her presents. It was a great party!

  4. Wonderful to see the pictures since we couldn’t be there. She’s truly amazing.

  5. Thanks for posting so many pictures, Rebekah! She is soooooo adorable. Now I know why Sarah can’t get enough of her (not that I ever doubted her cuteness). Looks like the party was lots of fun. And those bathing suit pics are too cute.

  6. I forgot to say that I love your short hair, Rebekah. It’s really cute!

  7. I could just eat and cuddle with that dotted beauty!
    love that your whole family could make it and share in her wonderful life. she truly is a gift.

  8. What a wonderful party! Thanks for sharing the photos. Yummy cake!

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