Happy Happy Weird Weird

October 10, 2007 at 12:51 pm | Posted in lists, random | 10 Comments

weird things that make me smile:

·         going into “my” stall at work & finding that no one has used it yet (lid still up/cleaning bubbles evident in bowl)

 ·         crunching acorns while walking

 ·         seeing something in E’s potty (she started a month ago..she’s not quite 15 months old & still isn’t walking.  and yes, i AM a bragging mommy)  :)

 ·         smooshing warmed tar on the road with my shoes–and even bare feet.  love it. 

·         i love it when rain droplets (on a window, say) come together to form a bigger rain droplet.  same principle applies in the bath tub with bubbles. 

·         putting my fingers over the finger place on a water fountain (you know, where there’s a picture of fingers).  thanks, SJ.  :)



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  1. I love the one about rain droplets, too. Wish I could relate to #1, but unfortunately, our community bathroom stays very dirty.

  2. I LOVE the crunchy sounds of acorns – and gravel too.

    And holy cow, I’ve never heard of a baby who doesn’t even walk yet who pees in the potty! She really is advanced. =) Didn’t you just give birth like last month???

  3. I LOVE a crunching acorn!

    I also love the idea of the finger place on the water fountain, but I don’t like to think about all the other people who’ve touched the same place.

  4. i find it funny and odd that you are excited about a bathroom stall.

  5. Someone please come crunch all the acorns falling from the tree in our backyard. I would even cook you dinner…haha!

  6. I must go out and find acorns to crush. It sounds like I’m missing something big.

  7. I also love the crunching of acorns on a walk outside. The one about the “stall” cracked me up. I think everyone has their own “stall” they always use; I even remember in college having my “own” shower in the community bathroom. I loved it when I’d go oin in the morning and no one had used it yet!

  8. how fun…

    hope you are doing well!

  9. i like jumpy for especially giganormous acorns. very nice.

    as one who spends loads of time in the can, i share your relief for a spotless stall. good call.

  10. i know what else makes you smile…

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