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since i haven’t written in over two months, i thought i would write a few words.  (and, i am in london right now, after all.  when will i have the chance to write from london again?)

london.  what to say?  full of life, all things busy and fast, more things to do and see than there would ever be time to complete.  samuel johnson once said, ‘when you are tired of london, you are tired of life.’  well spoken.  doug and i have really crammed quite a bit into this week: mary poppins and spamalot, tons of pubs and cafes and yummy street stands, bookstores and other stores (including the all-famous ridiculously unbelievable harrods), buckingham palace and today kensington palace, portobello road market, high tea this afternoon and evensong tonight at westminster abbey, the tower of london, tower bridge, a cruise on the thames, st. paul’s, the london aquarium…there’s really too much to name in the 2 minutes remaining i have on this computer.

i love london.  i do.  i fell in love with it instanteously when i came two years ago. 

but home does call.  ARKANSAS calls.  did i ever think i would feel this way?  definitely no.  but arkansas is home.  my family and friends are there.  most importantly, my BABY is there.   i–we–have missed her tremendously.  i got to talk to her on the phone yesterday for the first time.

oops. time’s up.



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  1. What a treat to have a post from London! I’m glad you are having such a wonderful time…Can’t wait to see pictures and hear more stories.

  2. YEA for a London post! Hope you have a great rest-of-the-trip.

  3. I heart London. Been to Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Chicago, Portobello Road Market, The British Museum, The British Library, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s right after the Queen Mother turned 100 (Queen Elizabeth’s Mom). We stayed in Notting Hill. Oh, now I’m really wanting to go back…and get a delicious croissant from one of the lovely little cafes.

  4. Nice. Did you go to a Starbucks, though?

  5. I’M SO JEALOUS!! I love London and would love to spend more time there. I only spent a couple days there en route to Italy, and I wish we could have stayed longer. Please post pictures when you return.

  6. i am so glad you are having a wonderful time…
    i can NOT wait to see you and your wonderful pictures and to hear even more about this trip to london.

  7. What an amazing trip! I’m sure you are ready to get your arms around your sweet little one again!

  8. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Sounds like you’re having a blast – what a wonderful way to celebrate graduation!!!

  9. I’m bummed that I’m just now checking your blog – since I believe you are back in the states now. But I can’t wait to hear about the trip in more details and see lots and lots of pictures since I feel that may be the only way I will ever see London. I bet you are/were so happy to see Elisabeth.

  10. i miss you so much, wonderful sweet friend.
    i hope i get to talk to you soon!

  11. i’m officially jealous.

  12. hey, see the clash or the beatles if you get the chance over there. i heard they are both quite good.

  13. I have always wanted to go to London.

    We should discuss your trip in further detail, over beverage, in the same room, with the candlestick.

    Also, inspired by you and Jennie and my great appreciation for your blogs, I started one up myself and would love for you to come to it any ol’ time.

    love you!

  14. I love London too. Interesting that you missed Arkansas, though…

    Love Hamster’s comment.

  15. How fun! Hope you post some pics!!!

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