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February 25, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in baby, family | 6 Comments

i have neglected writing for far too long, so today i decided i’m going to try to post more frequently.  there are many topics on which i wish to write…london, the near future/job plans/etc., my sister moving back to australia, my stationery business…the list goes on and on.  but to make things easier on myself, i thought i would start simply posting some photos of E–something completely effortless and that which consumes my entire heart and being.  p.s. sorry for the “thumbnail” views; i do not have the patience or time right now to resize these photos.


doug claims he caught this shot of her by chance, but he really is an amazing photographer.  in fact, all the photos below minus one were taken by him. i cannot even get over this photo–how big she is, how cute & cool she looks while walking, the beginnings of a sly little smile, her tiny pointed gathering of hair that unfortunately makes her look like squiggy (was that his name?) from laverne & shirley…anyway, i love this photo. 


in this one, i think she looks exactly like me when i was a baby.  i wish i had one of me to scan in and show you, but i am at work (–ahem–) and am trying to get this sucker published.  she’s so genuinely serious and pensive sometimes, and this photo really captures that side of her.


this is a cute little pic.  i love the angle, and that the word “grace” is perfectly yet clumsily positioned above her.  (that’s her middle name.)


um, what a little miss.  once again, so serious.  and once again, amazing angle, doug! even though she looks a wee bit tired, i’m glad we got a good picture of her in this cute little outfit.


what a face.  i think she had had enough of daddy’s snapping at this point.  sometimes she’s such a ham in front of the camera, but this morning (before church) was obviously not one of those times! her intense eyes and little semi-pursed lips just slay me.


and…my favourite photo right now.  her auntie Kellie took this about a week ago–i think she may have even taken it on a phone!  E is wearing my mom’s hat and Kellie’s scarf.  too funny.  :)  i first saw the picture when Kellie sent it to me by phone with the message, “hey babe. nice toof.”  on a sadder note, we said bye bye to “Kel-Kah” on saturday; she has returned home to australia now.  talk about a sad airport scene.  i haven’t cried sobbed that hard in a very long time.



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  1. Next to last picture is definitely my favorite, although these are all amazing. So glad you’ve decided to post more regularly – I’ve really missed rebeekah!!

  2. Ummm….could she be any cuter….I don’t think so. She is so adorable!!!! I wish I could see her in person. I bet she and Luke would have a good time together.

    Glad you are back. I’ve missed your posts!

  3. E is such a sweetie! My favorite was E with “grace” so close by.

  4. i am so sorry that your sister went back to australia–but your daughter is just too cute!

  5. Over the past almost two years, I’ve thought a great deal about our college days at OBU. Most specifically, I remember the years of constantly thinking/saying, “things will be so much better when…” The … was filled with anything from real jobs to money to no homework (ha!), etc. Well, we are running out of things to fill the … with. We have real jobs. We are finally making enough money to pay the bills and if we spent less we would even have enough to save a little. We have free time that we could spend as quality time together if we chose to do so. We have evenings back. Jace loves school, so the daycare battle is no longer. Yet things aren’t so much better. I feel as though we traded the struggles in but in return have lost a lot. We live closer to family (but 8 hours is still too far for lunch dates!) and that has been great because Jace has developed a relationship with his grandma and aunts and cousins, but it’s still only a few times a year and we’ve lost the day-to-day family like relationships that we had in school. The most obvious loss for me is that of friendship. I have less to be upset about, maybe, but I also have no one to share my feelings with. I have lost the people who shared life with me (ie – YOU), so I resonated with your emotions about your sister moving back to Australia. I sobbed just reading your post. Both sobbing for you and knowing how desperately important sisters are and relationships become even more so when they share the life of your child, and also sobbing selfishly because I look at the pictures of this amazing, beautiful little girl and so desperately long to be sharing life with you again. I so long to know her and to watch Jace and Elisabeth play together and share stories with you again. I so look at these pictures and am floored – not only by how great she must be, but by how much I’ve missed. If you get a chance, I’d love to hear about you, about E, about Doug’s graduation, about London, about what you guys are planning on doing now, and just about life. So I guess, all that to say – I miss you TONS too.

  6. Loved seeing all these pictures of Elisabeth – my favorite is the last one! I’m glad you posted – I was missing my Rebekah!

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