arby’s angel

February 26, 2008 at 4:31 pm | Posted in emotions, friends, random | 5 Comments

so today i decided to drive-through arby’s to get lunch for me & my parents.  my hopes were not high as far as time goes because 1) there is always a long line and 2) they are extremely slow.

what a nice surprise, then, when i pulled right up to the speaker–only one car ahead of me (already at the window)! as usual, i had a hard time communicating with the person on the other end of the speaker.  (does anyone else have this consistent problem?  maybe this is due to how softly i usually speak, but i swear sometimes i have to give my order about three or four times.)  whatever.  after that torturous few minutes, i pulled forward to the window…

and came face to face with the sweetest-faced girl whose eyes were so bright and shiny.  we literally couldn’t stop smiling at each other and looking deeply into one another’s eyes.  i loved her instantly, you know?

and isn’t that amazing how that happens sometimes? it’s so rare, but when it does…it’s magical.  and other-worldly, almost.  and i’m left in awe of a God Who created us to be such emotional and complex beings who are able to connect on inexplicably deep levels with simply one look. (no, i’m not female seeking female now.  i just re-read the last few sentences or so, and i guess it sounds like i was waxing of a “love at first sight” experience.)

i haven’t been able to get this encounter out of my head. i don’t WANT to.

when she came back to the window to hand me my food, i (HAD to say something and) said, “you are so sweet.” (how cheesy, but what else could i say? certainly not everything else i’ve already written here.) she replied, “you are so sweet, too! you are the sweetest person who has driven through here all day since i got to work this morning.” without thinking, i said, “well, you are an angel.” (WHAT?! do i normally call people–other than my husband or daughter–an ANGEL?) and she just looked at me and said so genuinely, “come back and see me some time.  my name is roxeen.” (sp? her nametag was unfortunately covered. i would’ve asked about the spelling, but there was someone behind me.) so i stuck out my hand for a shake and told her my name, too.

and then drove away.

from roxeen, the angel.

i kind of want to see her again, but selfishly i kind of don’t want to, too.  unless i happen to go to arby’s again, and she happens to be working the window at that same moment, i think i will just keep this encounter locked up inside in a little memory package that i can occassionally open and re-wrap.

p.s. guess what? i have no IDEA how long it took for my food. it didn’t matter today.



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  1. I love good customer service experiences. Nice, angelic people make all the difference! And when I used to work at a bank, nice, angelic customers also made all the difference. You probably made that girl’s day.

  2. What a cute story (that’s cute, honey)…I’m glad you shared it with us.

  3. I’m happy you’re posting again. =) There’s truly no place like Arkadoo’s Arby’s. Two guys dance behind the counter at Wheaton’s Arby’s, but that still doesn’t do it for me like slippery floors and a bathroom door that barely locks.

  4. I love instant connection. I hope you’ll go back.

  5. That happened to me the other day at Macy’s–this adorably sweet older lady waited on me with her obviously arthritic hands. I helped her fit my item into the Macy’s bag and she was so sweet and appreciative. I immediately went home, went to the Macy’s website, and wrote a survey comment on her wonderful service (I noticed at the checkout counter that they encourage this). Maybe you can mention something to the Arby’s manager?

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