June 9, 2008 at 1:33 pm | Posted in baby, emotions, family, travel | 8 Comments

as most of you know, we are moving to little rock!  after months of thinking and talking about it, we’re finally DOING it.  the bottom line is that we really need more income…and getting that in this town is close to impossible.  also, doug still really wants to be a missionary in india someday soon–to reach that “goal,” we have several bills that need to be paid first. 

i’m starting to get PRETTY nervous since it’s, oh JUNE NINTH, and we don’t have a place to live yet.  (we’re moving there the weekend of the 27th, by the way, for me to start my new job as medical transcriptionist at Youth Home on the 30th.) 

not to mention?  we’re still waiting for a job for doug, too…

not to mention?  we don’t know what we’ll do about childcare–at least, temporarily. (my parents, unbelievably, are almost positive they’re moving to LR, too!! and want to continue to take care of Elisabeth.  AH-MAY-ZING.)

the past few months have been really tough–trying to sort out everything, fighting with the Lord on whether or not I can trust Him (WHAT is my deal?!)…i’m so grateful for this time, though, because this test of faith/trust has caused me to seek Him more than i have in a long time.

we find out on wednesday if Elisabeth will have a baby brother or sister. i’m very excited! we have a name for a boy (Charles Spencer–go by Spencer, my maiden name)…but if she’s a girl, we’ve got some thinking to do! i really hope to find a name that means faith or trust.  perhaps a middle name of Faith, but i’m not sure.

we’re going to get to look at three more houses for rent on wednesday, so perhaps at least ONE of those will work!!…

i’ll update later this week with all our happy news! :)




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  1. Hey, I know all about being in transition and living with so many unknowns about the future. It’ll all happen, don’t worry! And you’ll look back on this time and laugh at your silly stressed-out self. Good luck!

  2. I hope everything goes well this week…

  3. I really hope you find a great house soon! I know that is stressful. I think it will be fun for all of you girls and your parents to be in Little Rock. How cool! I can’t wait to hear the gender of baby #2. I loved, loved seeing you and your whole fam this weekend. Elisabeth could seriously not be any cuter. She is so precious. I’ll be checking your blog/facebook tomorrow for the big update!! :)

  4. my mammy lives in little rock. that means when we come see her, we can come see you.

    if we ever get to come see her.

  5. Faith is on my list of girl middle names too. For some reason I have several middle names picked out with no first names. Can’t wait to find out boy or girl!

  6. #1 – I’m so glad that you took that job in LR…that woman that called me was super sweet, and it sounds like a really great fit for you.
    #2 – I’m SO SO SO glad that you aren’t moving until the 27th…that means you’ll still be in town when I come to visit! Maybe I can help you pack some boxes!?!
    #3 – I can’t wait to hear…boy or girl?
    LOVE YOU Bek’!

  7. Hey you! Thanks for the picture comment!! Did you find out if you’re having a boy or girl?? I would love for the kids to meet one day!

    There are more/better pics on our blog –

  8. Hang in there with the move! I’m so excited that your parents might move to Little Rock too! What a blessing because you’ll know Elisabeth is getting the very best care. Please let us know if we should be welcoming a little brother or sister!

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