Busy, busy…

July 18, 2008 at 7:22 am | Posted in baby, birthdays, family | 4 Comments

As you can imagine, I’ve/we’ve been pretty busy in the last month or so.

Moving was…well, somewhat of a nightmare.  But we pushed through–and made it!  We could’ve never done it without the help of my loving parents.  I’m so grateful for ALL the things they did for us and the hours and hours (and HOURS) they spent helping us pack/move/clean/100 other things.  It took us FOUR days to get from Arkadelphia to Little Rock with all our belongings.  The U-haul? Should’ve been twice as big.  Our stuff?  We should’ve given twice as much to the Beehive, I guess.  We finally pulled up to our new house (for the last time from Arky) at 4:00 on Monday afternoon.  (Moving started on Friday morning around 8 & never stopped the whole weekend/Monday.)  I had to start my new job the next morning!!  I was pretty stressed, to say the least.  Leave it to the sweetest Jennie in the world to show up with pizza & coke and her heart & hands ready to help that night.  :)  With her amazing help, we really got a lot done in only a matter of a few hours!  Since then, it’s been slow-going.  Doug is working at night right now so he can keep Elisabeth in the day.  It’s close to impossible for him to be able to get anything done (turn your back for 30 seconds, and she’s gotten into everything!!)…and then, when i get home from work, i’m too tired to do much of anything.  These days, I’ve been running errands EVERY night–so it’s 1) pull in the driveway 2) grab a diaper bag and E 3) pull out of the driveway (with doug right behind me, going to work)…we need a BREAK!  :)

we’ll get a semi-break/fun time this weekend when we have Elisabeth’s SECOND birthday party!! :)  She turned two on Wednesday!  I really wish i could’ve spent the day with her and Doug (had to work)…but i think she had a great time that day–Doug and a friend of his took her to the zoo!  my sister, Sarah, even got to go for part of the time.  that night we went out to eat & then we took her to toys ‘r us.  what fun!!  we picked out some really perfect toys to give her for her birthday (at her party on sat.)

i have to get to work now…will write another update sooner than last time, i hope!  :)



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  1. I had totally forgotten about the Beehive until you just mentioned it. Glad you got moved and here’s hoping things calm down for you soon!

  2. Wow. I hope things slow down soon! Happy Birthday Elisabeth!

  3. Hey Rebekah,

    Please know that I would love to help in any way! I need to know where you live!! Hopefully it’s semi-close to us.

  4. what’s your new email address?
    i got a mailer demon when I tried to respond to your comment.

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