Jesus and gravity.

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did you see dolly parton on ai last night? loved her.  plastic surgery (i.e. face DESTRUCTION–what was she thinking?!) aside, she is so precious. couldn’t believe american idol producers allowed someone to get on there and sing about Jesus so much, but after all, she is dolly.  :) 

i haven’t written about silly ai in a while, so i thought i would share my fav. list, etc.

girls: LOVE carly, syesha (“she’s not SHYesha, that’s for sure!”–maybe my favourite quote from dolly on tuesday night’s show), and brooke.  in that order.  but my love for brooke is fading–she’s kind of weird?

boys: LOVE them all. order? jason castro tied with michael johns, then david arch., then david cook.  i seriously think it’s the most talented group ai has ever seen in their top whatever.

i even–ahem–asked doug if, for my birthday, we could go see them in concert this summer…ridiculous, i know.  :)

Random Thoughts…Again

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  1. how has 2 1/2 weeks passed without one single post?  for shame, for shame.
  2. my youngest sister is getting married in THREE DAYS.  i’m so afraid i’ve been holding in a lot of emotion and that it’s all going to come blubbering out soon–hopefully AFTER the wedding day.  (is that possible, PLEASE?!)
  3. doug has been in India for ten days now, and he’s doing really well!  although i cannot imagine the heat (125 degrees, anyone?), he loves it there…so much so that he has been writing things like, “i just wish you were here, because i never want to leave” and “you and E would do just fine here.”  um…
  4. still haven’t decided on a birthday theme for little E’s first birthday.  it’s one month away!  i’m so excited about her turning one year old, but i still cannot believe how fast the time has passed.
  5. my sister, Kellie (and this should be #1), and my nephew, Daniel, are here from Australia!!  they have been with us in Arkansas for one week now, and the time with them has been so great.  i wish all of you could meet them–or at least just hear them talking.  :)
  6. going along with #2, rachel’s bachelorette party is tomorrow night, and there is much left to be done!  tonight i have to figure out what type of dessert we’re going to have in the hotel suite after dinner, make/buy it, figure out party favors and make/buy those, gather up cds and dvds…the list goes on and on.  this is no run-of-the-mill bach. party, either: we’re having dinner at some la-la restaurant called SO and then staying in a two-story atrium suite at The Peabody.  wow.  it should be a LOT of fun, though!!  i’m excited about everything, but, like everyone else involved in planning for the wedding, being able to breathe again will be nice, too.  :)
  7. i booked our plane tickets for london–we’re really going!  since our house lease ends in december, i don’t even know where we’ll be LIVING come January, but hey!–we’re going to london!
  8. i’m going to get a spray tan after work today.  a little nervous?  yep.  hope i don’t end up being the orange one in all the wedding photos.  :)
  9. don’t ever put your phone number in anything you fill out “on a whim” online.  just for kicks, i clicked on a yahoo link a few weeks ago re: online masters degrees.  why oh WHY did i put in my personal info. including my phone number??  but i did, and within MINUTES my phone was ringing.  i’ve gotten probably at least one call a day from admissions counselors at all these random schools.  i answered the phone once and talked with someone, but i was too embarrassed to have to keep saying i am not genuinely interested…so i recently changed my voice mail message, addressing the counselors at the end.  yes, i seriously did that.  immature?  yes.  a relief?  definitely.  no more calls since then.  :)
  10. Rachel asked me to sing at her rehearsal dinner, and i heard the song for the first time on sunday–beautiful!!  do you know “mended” by watermark?  here’s a snippet.  :)

Wonka on the Mind

May 24, 2007 at 12:44 pm | Posted in entertainment, music, random | 1 Comment

i stole this from leann…very fun–thanks!!

you should try it, too.

history of techno icons: augustus gloop

Spawned in the seedy clubs of weisbaden, germany, augustus gloop burst onto the techno scene in 1997 with their debut album, tis so sweet. The band’s latest album, saving the world one creampie at a time, layers chunker p. fox’s larger-than-life growls with thunderous drum solos to cook up a record boiling over with pulse-pounding scorchers. With standout tracks like “violet and veruca,” already certified platinum in Europe, augustus gloop can count on loads of future success.

*The above bio is a fictional account of a band that doesn’t exist (at least not yet), and is meant solely to make you laugh and procrastinate doing any real work today. Any similarity to a real band, living or dead, is purely coincidental. And very weird.

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