My Friend Angie

July 5, 2007 at 12:41 pm | Posted in entertainment, random | 4 Comments

have you ever had a dream where you are “friends” with a celebrity?  my sister frequently dreams she and johnny depp are friends (must be nice), and i know i’ve had such a dream in the past…but none quite so vivid as last night.

i don’t even care for her–that’s the strange part–but angelina jolie and i hung out for hours & hours following a wedding in which i did a scriptural reading and she was one of the MINISTERS.  during my reading, no one was listening–there was even a girl rapping really loudly and shaking her booty two feet away from me.  i actually think she may have been beyonce.  (does beyonce rap?)  anyway…brad–yeah, first name basis, that’s right–was there, too.  when the other minister got up to speak (“angie” was seated a few people down from me, by brad), they both got really irritated and rolled their eyes when he spoke about Jesus.  i don’t think they would do that in real life, though.  (WHERE do i come up with this stuff?)

she was really nice, and i didn’t feel nervous at all; in fact, i was really myself.  she told me how great it was to have just met someone and that person not be all psycho because she’s such a mega-celebrity–how it was so peaceful to just hang out with someone & talk and laugh.  (not in her exact words.)

okay, this is starting to sound a little scary, like i’m a stalker or something.  but that’s the point–i don’t even care too much for her!  well, maybe i will now.  :)

you know what’s funny?  (i mean besides this whole thing–that is, funny weird, not funny haha.)  i don’t even know who was getting married. 

p.s. recap on my baby sister’s REAL wedding = coming soon…with great photos, too.  :)



June 29, 2007 at 9:12 am | Posted in disturbing, emotions, random | 10 Comments

been thinkin a lot about fear lately.  although perfect love drives away fear, i am but human and have a lot of them.  (fears, that is.)  i am thankful for His grace and love that, by His Spirit, frequently snap me back into rational thinking.  just for kicks, though…

a bit vulnerable (and almost completely irrational), here are some of my fears:

  • whenever i see one of the employees from computer services, i’m afraid they’re judging me because they know how much time i spend online at work.
  • spiders.  every single time i come in or go out of my house, i quickly scan the doorframe for them.  i usually look for them on the ceiling/wall before i go to sleep.  when i see them, yes, i hate them, but i guess my main fear is that one will be ON me without me knowing it.
  • this one is really weird and gross, and i have never put it in writing before…when i was younger (and i STILL think about it–probably more than once a week), i used to be afraid that when i went to the bathroom (usually #2), i would be flushed down the toilet and land in a huge pile of waste in a dark cavern…where a witch would be waiting for me to cook me in her waste soup.  no, i’m not kidding.  how messed up am i???
  • one of my biggest fears has always been that i will miscarry or have a stillborn baby.
  • since i was a teenager, i have feared a masked intruder breaking in the house to violently kill my family and me.  (he/they always save me, in my bed, for last.)  too many movies, i guess.
  • i’m afraid i’m going to end up like gilbert grape’s momma.
  • i have a terrible fear sometimes, when i’m driving, that a semi will crash into the car & kill everyone in it but me.

OKAY: is this my own personal postsecret?  i think i’ll stop here.

Random Thoughts…Again

June 13, 2007 at 2:39 pm | Posted in baby, birthdays, celebrations, family, music, random, travel | 7 Comments
  1. how has 2 1/2 weeks passed without one single post?  for shame, for shame.
  2. my youngest sister is getting married in THREE DAYS.  i’m so afraid i’ve been holding in a lot of emotion and that it’s all going to come blubbering out soon–hopefully AFTER the wedding day.  (is that possible, PLEASE?!)
  3. doug has been in India for ten days now, and he’s doing really well!  although i cannot imagine the heat (125 degrees, anyone?), he loves it there…so much so that he has been writing things like, “i just wish you were here, because i never want to leave” and “you and E would do just fine here.”  um…
  4. still haven’t decided on a birthday theme for little E’s first birthday.  it’s one month away!  i’m so excited about her turning one year old, but i still cannot believe how fast the time has passed.
  5. my sister, Kellie (and this should be #1), and my nephew, Daniel, are here from Australia!!  they have been with us in Arkansas for one week now, and the time with them has been so great.  i wish all of you could meet them–or at least just hear them talking.  :)
  6. going along with #2, rachel’s bachelorette party is tomorrow night, and there is much left to be done!  tonight i have to figure out what type of dessert we’re going to have in the hotel suite after dinner, make/buy it, figure out party favors and make/buy those, gather up cds and dvds…the list goes on and on.  this is no run-of-the-mill bach. party, either: we’re having dinner at some la-la restaurant called SO and then staying in a two-story atrium suite at The Peabody.  wow.  it should be a LOT of fun, though!!  i’m excited about everything, but, like everyone else involved in planning for the wedding, being able to breathe again will be nice, too.  :)
  7. i booked our plane tickets for london–we’re really going!  since our house lease ends in december, i don’t even know where we’ll be LIVING come January, but hey!–we’re going to london!
  8. i’m going to get a spray tan after work today.  a little nervous?  yep.  hope i don’t end up being the orange one in all the wedding photos.  :)
  9. don’t ever put your phone number in anything you fill out “on a whim” online.  just for kicks, i clicked on a yahoo link a few weeks ago re: online masters degrees.  why oh WHY did i put in my personal info. including my phone number??  but i did, and within MINUTES my phone was ringing.  i’ve gotten probably at least one call a day from admissions counselors at all these random schools.  i answered the phone once and talked with someone, but i was too embarrassed to have to keep saying i am not genuinely interested…so i recently changed my voice mail message, addressing the counselors at the end.  yes, i seriously did that.  immature?  yes.  a relief?  definitely.  no more calls since then.  :)
  10. Rachel asked me to sing at her rehearsal dinner, and i heard the song for the first time on sunday–beautiful!!  do you know “mended” by watermark?  here’s a snippet.  :)

Wonka on the Mind

May 24, 2007 at 12:44 pm | Posted in entertainment, music, random | 1 Comment

i stole this from leann…very fun–thanks!!

you should try it, too.

history of techno icons: augustus gloop

Spawned in the seedy clubs of weisbaden, germany, augustus gloop burst onto the techno scene in 1997 with their debut album, tis so sweet. The band’s latest album, saving the world one creampie at a time, layers chunker p. fox’s larger-than-life growls with thunderous drum solos to cook up a record boiling over with pulse-pounding scorchers. With standout tracks like “violet and veruca,” already certified platinum in Europe, augustus gloop can count on loads of future success.

*The above bio is a fictional account of a band that doesn’t exist (at least not yet), and is meant solely to make you laugh and procrastinate doing any real work today. Any similarity to a real band, living or dead, is purely coincidental. And very weird.

deoderant, ditties and dots

May 21, 2007 at 11:01 am | Posted in baby, birthdays, entertainment, family, london, random, travel | 9 Comments

·         obviously, i’m stuck in a rut doing these little bullet posts.

·         do you ever forget to put on deodorant?  yuck—i did today.  how could i be in SUCH a hurry that i could forget such a crucial thing??

·         we got home last night from a whirlwind one night trip to memphis…to find that my precious Mother had washed ALL of Elisabeth’s laundry.  (and there was QUITE a bit—three loads worth!!)  she is more wonderful than i could ever express.

·         i’ve been living with a shadow overhead…have you seen music & lyrics?  i started watching it last night after getting E to sleep, and i LLLLOVE it.  that sweet little song has been in my head all morning.  i can’t wait to finish the movie tonight!

·         my sister, Rachel, is unbelievably hilarious sometimes.  she called me at work this morning, and here’s a snippet of the beginning of our conversation (she starts):

“hiiiiii!  i tried to call you ALL weekend!”

“oh really?  it never showed up on my phone!”

“well, that’s because i didn’t have your number.”

·         thanks SO MUCH for the first birthday party ideas.  i’m really thinking about those polka dots!  (i actually had previously considered that as a theme!!)  although…you know, the lizard theme—or even the polka dot lizards—is really tempting, Rix!!  ha ha.  believe it or not, speaking of funny Rachel, she actually called Elisabeth “lizard breath” one time—no joke.  (i didn’t find it funny at the time, but now—especially after your comment—it’s a knee-slapper.)

·         besides party themes running through my head, i’ve got London on my mind!  (what else is new.)  i think it’s really going to happen!  although January is the coldest (and rainiest, i believe) month of the year there, that is when we’re planning to go.  ANY LONDON TIPS??

today’s thoughts

May 16, 2007 at 10:54 am | Posted in baby, celebrations, family, friends, gross, holidays, london, marriage, random, travel | 5 Comments
  • one month from today, my youngest sister will be getting married.  WHAT?!
  • Julie, you will already be married!!
  • did you hear last week about the boy with the spiders in his ears?  i’ve thought of this EVERY night before going to sleep since then…earplugs, anyone?
  • for girls only: commando.  do you ever go?  i had to yesterday due to the MOUNDS of dirty clothes yet to be washed–and it wasn’t as bad as i thought.  no, it wasn’t my first time, but it had just been a long time.  (unlike one unnamed sister, whom i think does this pretty regularly??  can’t imagine.)
  • i wish i could hire some “helpers” for my parents.  because their days are filled with everything Elisabeth, they simply do not have the time to clean their home and unpack boxes that are yes, still sitting untouched.  the space they’re in is SO much smaller than their previous home, and so there’s literally not room for everything.  this is such a burden for them–especially my Mom–and so it’s a burden for me, too.  if i had vacation time, i would be there in a flash.  could i please, like Evie, just stop time for a while?
  • Elisabeth is ten months old today.  how is THAT possible?  :)
  • a year ago, i was enjoying a night’s layover in London on my way to Finland.  (again, how is that possible?  that it’s been a YEAR?)
  • i had my first official Mother’s Day on Sunday.  so surreal.  and precious and wonderful.
  • doug finished SO WELL this semester!!!  i could not be any more proud of him!  after his trip to India this summer (mission trip, simultaneously earning 6 credit hours), he’ll only have ONE–count ’em, ONE!!!–more semester to go.  -big sigh-
  • i’m in the process of planning his huge graduation present we’ve been dreaming of for years…A TRIP TO EUROPE!!  (just London, we think.  and maybe a chunnel visit to PARIS!!)  :)

Suffer Ye Little Children

April 11, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Posted in disturbing, random | 4 Comments

so i have been bored out of my MIND lately (from 8-5)…you would think i could have been posting during this slow time??  i get blogger’s block all the time, not to mention i can’t think of any interesting subjects to discuss.

one random (not pg-rated) thought:

  • i’ve been disturbed all day by a local news report i saw this morning: a 19 year old male has been accused of raping a two year old little girl (who has now died, so he’s also accused of manslaughter).  how exactly does one get to such a low point that he/she would commit a heinous crime as this?  i realise we all have faults–there is not one who is blameless, no, not one–but RAPING A BABY… sometimes i wish there really were different levels of hell.  good thing i’m not God, or we would all be there in some form, i suppose, myself included.  this whole thing makes me think about a song i love by sufjan stevens: in singing about john wayne gacy, jr. (the clown killer who lured and killed little boys and then buried them under his house), he says, “and in my best behaviour, i am really just like him.”  i love that.  it’s hard, but i love it.  if you’ve never heard the song, you can listen to a little clip here.

Why Sligh?

March 30, 2007 at 11:01 am | Posted in entertainment, random | 4 Comments

for those of you who are still drudging through this season of american idol, i hope you share my sentiment when i say, “why sligh?”  i mean, COME.ON.

enough is enough of weirdo sanjayawhateverhisnameis.  not even in the bottom THREE??  either is bringing in thousands upon thousands upon thousands of votes, or my conspiracy theory about this warped show is true: contrary to what mr. puppet ryan seacrest says, your votes do NOT count.

ugh, i’m so sick of it.  so why do i keep watching??  WHY?!


March 2, 2007 at 4:37 pm | Posted in entertainment, lists, random | 3 Comments

well, i’m quite the copy-catter lately.  first mimsies and now trim…Jennie’s song post* was so much fun–how could i NOT copy?  :) 

1. A song with the name of a city in the title or text.

America – Simon & Garfunkel  (TWO cities mentioned–Pittsburgh and Saginaw)  :)

2. A song you’ve listened to repeatedly when you were depressed at some point in your life.

Exit Music (For a Film) – Radiohead

3. A great song in a language other than English.

Les Chansons des Roses: Dirait-On  – Morten Lauridsen

4. Your least favorite song on one of your favorite albums.

Whatever Thing – Waterdeep (&100 Portraits on Enter the Worship Circle)

5. A song you like (possibly from your past) that took you forever to finally locate a copy of.

Once Doug and I heard “Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly” on NPR.  We LOVED it–we were almost in tears we were laughing so hard.  It took a while for me to find out it’s from Annie Get Your Gun.  :)

6. A song that reminds you of summer but doesn’t mention summer at all.

Dreams – The Cranberries

7. A song that sounds to you like being happy feels.

The Beautiful Briny  – from Bedknobs and Broomsticks

8. A song that reminds you of high school.

Loser  – Beck

9. A song that reminds you of college.

P-Funk – George Clinton/Parliament

10. A song you actually like by an artist you otherwise dislike.

I’m having a hard time coming up with one here…

11. One of the earliest songs that you can remember listening to.

Jesus, Jesus  – sung by my Dad every night before bed :)

12. A song that has helped cheer you up (or empowered you somehow) after a breakup or otherwise difficult situation.

Stand – Susan Ashton

*Because I’ve taken so long to finish and post this, I am now guilty of also copying Rachel (aGAIN) AND J!!

100 days late and a million dollars short

February 26, 2007 at 3:29 pm | Posted in lists, random | 4 Comments

sometimes i get SO BEHIND on things that i do the exact opposite of what i should do: i purposefully procrastinate further!  what in the world.

i don’t know if it’s depression (probably), but i just think, “oh my gosh, HOW have i not done _____ yet?”  this goes along with my ridiculous burden of guilt that i unnecessarily and constantly heave around, i suppose.  i’m not sure if this will help, and perhaps i should’ve noted these things in a personal journal rather than a PUBLIC BLOG, but here’s an inexhaustive list of things i should have done a LONG time ago but have yet to do:

  • finish my “100 things about me” post
  • write about my dad’s birthday/weekend surprise (over one month late now, and NO–all these things will NOT be simply about blogging)
  • finish baby gift thank you notes–i think i still lack 28, and i’m extremely embarrassed to publicize this because, yes, some of those who might read this have yet to receive one!!
  • haul off the latest lingering Beehive pile (the Beehive is a store in town run by the developmentally disabled: it’s basically a really cool second-hand store)…this one’s esPECially bad because they even do pick-ups, people!!  i mean, come on, Rebekah, how hard would it be to simply ORGANISE the mess under your carport and PICK UP THE PHONE?!
  • make a wedding album from all our lovely wedding/honeymoon photos…hey Rebekah, didn’t you get married FIVE YEARS AGO?!
  • work retrospectively on Elisabeth’s baby album(s)–this is something i canNOT get any more behind on than i already am.  i mean, seven months have passed in a blink…no waiting five years on this one!!

okay, i think i’ll stop there.  i’m borderline “phew, that feels good” and “oh no!  where do i start?”  besides, six is my favourite number.  :)

p.s. do you like the new look/heading photo?  that’s our sweet pup, Anabelle.

p.p.s. we went to marion to visit Doug’s family this weekend.  needless to say, a LOT of photos were taken (mostly by Doug’s dad, the former professional photographer).  I cannot get OVER this one:


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