one a month

August 25, 2008 at 11:52 am | Posted in baby, emotions, prayers, random | 7 Comments

Well, i guess that’s what it’s come down to–one post per month. :(

better than none at all, i suppose!  i certainly miss the blogging world…facebook…”surfing”…gone are the days of internet freedom! (and time to do ANYTHING non work-related)

it’s really hard to believe i’ve been here at my new job for eight weeks.  i still wish, probably even more, that i could be a stay-at-home-mom.  with the new baby really on the way (i’ll be 29 weeks on wednesday!)…i keep thinking about how i’m going to feel leaving not one baby but two (and one being a very baby newborn, at that)–even if i am leaving them with my mom & dad.  i’m so grateful, please know, but it’s still so hard.  and one of the things i cannot get used to w/my new job is a 30 minute lunch break. (YIKES!)  there’s no way i’ll be able to nurse the new baby unless my mom were to bring him up here every day–and even that would be rushing. :(  and as far as a maternity leave is concerned??  if i have the baby in october, i will have two–COUNT THEM, TWO–paid maternity days.  i’m not joking.  and i apologize for this stream-of-consciousness type post, but this is a very small reflection of my mind these days!!  i’m trying not to worry, but i find myself constantly going to things like “how will i even afford to take off ONE week of work once the baby is born??” (and considering i’ll be having a c-section again & will be told i need to be off work for 6 weeks, this is terrifying.)  these are terrible questions, but i have to face them.  the day is soon!  as most of you know/remember, Elisabeth came at 30 weeks.  i’ve been praying all along, though, that i would make it to at least 36 weeks with Spencer.  :)  and i have so much hope that will happen.  regardless, i trust the Lord completely and know that no matter when Spencer is born, the Lord continues to be completely in control.  i must keep repeating that to myself.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  (i always think of this in the mornings on the way to work, as i pass several small farms!)  surely He can provide for me to be off work with a new baby.  :)

you all are great to read these ramblings!

my 30 minutes is up.



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  1. Is a VBAC an option? More doctors (and most midwives/nurse midwives) are open to the idea.

  2. i love your ramblings. remember when we used to sit out in the grass in front of the library and ramble all kinds of nonsense for hours before stumbling off to walt’s? and then that one semester when we used to sit out on the hang-over, eating our chic-fil-a and rambling about nothing for the duration of a chicken sandwich and whatnot? that was good stuff. and we never would apologize for all the rambling back then – and that’s when we rambled about nothing. i love your rambling. bring it, woman. and keep bringing them kids. you and doug make good ones. hallelujah!

  3. Would they ever let you transcribe from home?

    I know it will all work out just like it did with E. (That doesn’t make it any easier, I know, but still.)

    I love your ramblings. Definitely keep them coming.

  4. i love your ramblings, rebekah! i’ll be pulling for the best with little spencer too. i know it will work out and my biggest hope is that you can stay home for a while. so very sorry i couldn’t see you last weekend…hope you got my message. i tried! and failed! it was disappointing! i love yall.

  5. TWO days makes me mad – like call my Congressman mad. What in the world are we thinking when is comes to truly taking care of families in this country? (Can you tell my in-laws have had the TV on the Republican National Convention)

    OK – just wanted to send some love and let you know that I haven’t forgotten baby Spencer and we pray that he will enjoy is rent free accommodation until the 38th week.

  6. Hey Sweetie! I had to go back to work when my first was born, and I pumped. Get yourself a good pump – you can buy a used medela pump off craigslist and replace the plastic parts. It’s well worth it and then you can nurse morning and evening.

    I know it’s hard – believe me! I feel for you, and I know it’s such a blessing to be able to stay home with your babies!

  7. Hey Rebekah, I am so excited you’re having another baby! i found your blog through Tara’s. . .Congratulations.

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