Hello, My Friend, Hello.

October 26, 2009 at 9:53 pm | Posted in random | 5 Comments

not a post in tribute to mr. diamond.

but a hello to you from rebeekah after so very long!

oh, my old friend, wordpress.  i’ve truly missed the blogging world…reading all my clever friends’ posts…looking at sweet posted photos…journaling my own stuff for all of you to read and experience alongside me…

perhaps now that i have internet at home (not to mention an AWESOME MAC) i can slowly creep back into this cyberworld of communication and socialization.

have not found the cord to connect the camera to the computer, so my photos are very limited right now.  i did take some the other day on my computer–let me see if i can post them…  :)

Elisabeth and Spencer

so…it worked!!  here are my two precious children.  Spencer has changed quite a bit since you saw him last!  we celebrated his first birthday last month.  :) and the sweet big sister, Elisabeth, is THREE years old now.

4-up on 2009-10-17 at 17.05

it takes a LOT of shots to get one good one!  :)  (of course i think ALL of them are good.)  :)

okay, i’m being lazy, but this is all for now.

there’s so much to say and so many photos to post…but i’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

upcoming topics…um…

E’s 3rd and S’s 1st; first home purchase; life as a youth pastor’s wife (at a korean church); lexapro-less life; ww struggles; family drama; dreams of dbr…

p.s. how weird is it that my last post was almost exactly one year ago??  strange.



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  1. Hey, Rebekah!!!

    Your kiddos are just beautiful. I can’t believe how they have grown. WOW!

    I’m so glad that you are back in the blogging world again, and can’t wait to keep up with you!!


  2. I think they are all good, too! Yay! Welcome back to blogging! Maybe you’ll inspire the rest of us.

  3. welcome back :)

  4. wwwi_miss_youcom

  5. Oh, I am so happy to see you back! Come back often! I LOVE hearing updates.

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